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How to Buy Priligy in the United States

Priligy (dapoxetine) is a premature ejaculation (PE) treatment remedy developed by Eli Lilly, the same pharmaceutical company responsible for one of the most effective and highly sought after PDE5 inhibitor erectile dysfunction treatment drug, Cialis.  However, later in its development, prior to submitting it to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) office for approval, they sold their rights to the drug to Johnson & Johnson for further research and development.  Currently, the new owner of the premature ejaculation remedy, Priligy, is finalizing its development and improvement over the drug before they try to have the product approved by the FDA.  Nevertheless, the drug has already found its way in many Asian and European countries and has gotten approval for use by their respective FDAs.

The drug Priligy is a very effective remedy for premature ejaculation.  If you have been suffering all your life with this embarrassing male sexual condition, that despite all your efforts and the ‘tried and tested’ techniques that you use, but still end up with early release of your ejaculate, then this drug will instantly solve your problem.  In fact, it will allow you to experience what it is like to be good in bed and at the same time, provide the sexual satisfaction that your female partner has been longing for. Continue reading

Proper Usage of Generic Cialis with Dapoxetine

Generic Cialis is tadalafil, but named by users as such since it is much easier to remember and identify the type of Cialis drug is being referred to, especially if you are inside a drugstore or pharmacy trying to buy the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug.  Generic Cialis, despite being a generic version of the drug, is just as equally effective as the branded drug the generic version has been replicated from.  The reason behind having virtually the same treatment effect is that the generic manufacturers have made it a point that the exact same ingredients the branded version is made of goes right into the production of the generic alternative.  These days, when it comes to treating male impotence, most prefer to use Cialis or its generic equivalent.

The drug dapoxetine is a treatment remedy made for relieving the issue of premature ejaculation.  The initial developer of dapoxetine is also the very same pharmaceutical company that gave you Cialis, the ED treatment drug that packs the longest effect time. Continue reading