An Overview of ED Medications

Erectile dysfunction (abbreviated ED) is something that, if it happens to a man like you, can make your sex life become next to non-existent.  Also referred to as male impotence, erectile dysfunction happens when the nerves located in the penile shaft are unable to activate in order to stimulate the flow of blood that should lead to a penile erection.  The incidence of erectile dysfunction is believed to become more prominent as a man ages, and most men would like to address this problem whenever they can because it can lead to a dull sex life and unsatisfactory sexual experience on their partner’s side. Thanks to medical development and research, ED medications were developed that can help tremendously in treating signs and symptoms of ED.

There are about 4 types of ED medications available in the market today.  These ED medications include sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil.  These ED medications work by elevating the nitric oxide content in order to stimulate the flow of blood to the penile shaft once sexual stimuli has been introduced.  While most men claim that ED medications are truly lifesavers when it comes to satisfying their sexual encounters, there are some side effects that are commonly happening to the users; therefore, if you are interested to take some ED medications yourself, try to learn and understand more information about them before you go ahead and ask for a prescription.

One of the most common side effects associated with the intake of ED medications is the occurrence of headaches.  The rationale for this is that nitric oxide increases the blood flow to the penis in order to induce an erection, but this can also cause you to feel a headache because of the sudden change in the flow of blood within your body.  Other common side effects of taking ED medications include body pains, indigestion and diarrhea, dizziness, vision changes, flushing or rash-like redness of the skin and runny nose or congested nose.  Rare and serious side effects of taking ED medications include priapism (erection that lasts for more than 4 hours), vision loss and sudden hearing issues.  Make sure to stop taking ED medications immediately as soon as you experience serious side effects and visit your doctor.  ED medications are actually not appropriate for all men due to the risk of nasty side effects that could bring more harm than good to the body.

Should you be a good candidate to take ED medications, it is wise to first learn all about the specific ED medications you are going to take.  All ED medications work the same, but they still do have a few differences, and choosing the kind of ED medications all depends on your situational and personal preference.  In case you would like to find out which of the ED medications mentioned above work well for you, you can try buying some ED medications online, which can be very affordable and you do not have to acquire a doctor’s prescription (this depends on the online pharmacy).