ED Symptoms You Should Be Wary Of

If you are a man, nothing is more embarrassing than to have erectile dysfunction (ED).  While premature ejaculation is an issue, being impotent however means that you cannot successfully engage in sexual intercourse.  While most erectile dysfunction issues occur in the late ages, particularly during senior or geriatric ages, there are cases where such can occur even at early ages.  This makes it very important for you to identify ED symptoms so that you know if this issue is happening to you when you see some of the ED symptoms you should be looking for.

Finding ED symptoms should not be your main goal though.  It is important that you learn how to enjoy your manhood first before trying to learn about ED symptoms that results in erectile dysfunction.  However, if you are encountering issues where you fail to achieve erection during sexual intercourse or during times when you are in manual labor of pleasuring yourself, then you need to identify some of the ED symptoms that you may be experiencing.  Of course, the first of ED symptoms you will identify is not achieving penile erection.  Of all identifiers of ED symptoms, this is actually your main one as it is already your telltale sign that something is not right.

There are actually three cases of ED symptoms for erectile dysfunction – the inability to produce an erection, the ability to produce an erection but not erect enough for vaginal penetration, and the ability to produce an erection but unable to sustain it long enough for the duration of the sexual activity.  If you have any of these ED symptoms, you may need to consult a urologist or an ED doctor immediately so that the causal factor of your ED symptoms can be identified.

Other cases of ED symptoms appear to be psychological.  This means that the erectile dysfunction issue is all in the brain of the person who is failing to achieve penile erection.  If you are anxious, depressed, guilty, or sad, it is likely that no matter how you try to attempt to get an erection that you always seem to fail to get one.  Of course, the advantage of psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction as your ED symptoms is that once the psychological factor goes away, your usual normal erectile function comes back as if nothing happened at all.  Basically, this, of all ED symptoms, is all in the mind.

If you have been having trouble achieving erectile function, full erectile prowess, or intermittent erectile action, then this is very well one of the ED symptoms you should not ignore.  It means there is something wrong already.  Instead of leaving it as it is, if you are concerned over the long term effect of the ED symptoms you are experiencing or noticing, then it may be time that you consult a medical professional whose expertise is on erectile dysfunction.  Consulting your issue with a medical professional will allow proper diagnosis of your condition and possibly the identification of the causal factor of your erectile issue.