Some Precautions Before You Buy Priligy

Premature ejaculation or PE in men may not be as serious as the other sexually related problems like erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, with recent statistics men having premature climaxing problems tend to experience more depressions and other psychological problems due to unsatisfactory sexual activities with their partners. There can be many reasons as to why PE occurs. In fact, all men might experience the symptoms at some point of their lives temporarily. On the other hand, some men might have the symptoms forever. Having uncontrolled ejaculation can lead to depression, lower self-esteem, and even relationships among couples especially for those who are sexually active. To solve the problem, a medication has been designed to help me conquer PE symptoms. Priligy has been known as the first and only drug that treat premature climaxing in the male population. Despite of its positive results, however, one should take note that it can still offer some side effects knowing that it is still a drug. To lessen the risks of experiencing the nasty side effects, a summary of some of the precauions have been listed below.

The use of priligy is only intended for men with PE symptoms

One of the major reasons why side effects occur is the misuse of the drug. As mentioned, priligy is only intended for men with PE. If you have doubts about your symptoms, then it is best that you consult your doctor first. Your doctor should check whether you have other sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. If you are positive with ED, you are prohibited from using priligy especially in combination with PDE5 inhibitor drugs due to potential side effects which can be very dangerous.

Priligy should not be used by men with orthostatic hypotension

Priligy might contribute dangerous side effects for patients having orthostatic hypotension. Thus prior of using the drug your doctor should check you first for any history of the condition. The use of priligy should only be initiated once you are confirmed to have zero contraindications with the medication.

Priligy might cause prodromal symptoms

Lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, and diaphoresis are some of the reported minor side effects of using priligy. Therefore you should avoid driving or operating machinery while the drug is still active in your system to avoid accidents.

Priligy is not recommended for patients with cardiovascular problems

Prior of using priligy, you should ensure that you do not have any cardiovascular problems such as a heart disease, high blood pressure, or coronary artery disease. If you have doubts, make sure that you have your condition checked first by a doctor to avoid dangerous side effects.

Do not use Priligy with alcohol and PDE5 inhibitors

Alcohol and ED pills can cause dangerous interactions when taken together with priligy. To avoid the dangerous side effects, it is better not to drink liquors during treatment and take your medicines only one at a time.

Buy Priligy only if you think you are positive of PE

As mentioned above, buy priligy only if you are diagnosed positive with premature ejaculation problems. To make sure that there are no contraindications, it is highly recommended that you undergo a physical examination before you buy priligy and use the drug for PE treatment.